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What are Hoverboards?


In simple words, a hoverboard is a 2 wheeled motor gadget which look & function like mini Segway’s, minus the handle bars. They move forward when the rider leans forward & reverse and brake when the rider leans backward. Rather than facing towards one side like would in case of a skateboard, the rider faces forward similar to a Segway scooter. Also, they need to steer and control it through steady movements of legs, torso and feet.


They feature 2 pressure sensitive foot pads which regulate the speed & let you steer using your feet. The hoverboards start moving once you step-on. As a result, they can be difficult to mount & dismount. Since, there’s no handle for steadying yourself, it is quite difficult to get your balance right and you may easily fall off whilst getting used to it. You need to use your core section in order to keep yourself steady and also experience the burn within your feet and calves, as the tissues in those regions allow you to steer.

Easy to Learn

Riding a hoverboard is not at all an easy job. However, once you get a hang of it, it can move flawlessly with you. The device does not need any manual force, like a kick scooter or skateboard. In addition, you are able to pick-up speed in a very short period of time (many top out at around ten miles per hour).

Celebs have also shown a lot of interest in these gadgets. This has further contributed to their popularity amongst youngsters. Even though they could be on the expensive side, they are smaller and inexpensive as compared to a Segway (that may cost more than $5,000). As a result, people see hoverboards much handier to buy, use and store.

Safety Regulations

Hoverboards may be a cool gadget to have, however some countries, airlines and states have banned them on public walkways or roads. These includes in state of New York, UK, and Australia. Several malls, schools, and airports are banning these devices as well.

On contrary, the lawmakers in the state of California have lately signed a bill which permits motor wheeled gadgets, which also includes hoverboards, everywhere a bicycle can go.

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