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How to Safely Use a Hoverboard?


Hoverboards have been the next big thing over quite some time now but there are many who still do not know the safety measures for the same. This is extremely important to know for one’s due safety.

Hence we have a complete Hover board safety guide for you. Whilst there are some things that you need to consider before-hand. These include:

Calibration Check
Before riding, you should check the calibration by not stepping on the hoverboard, but by putting your hand hard on it when you turn it in. If it continues to be non-shaky, you are ready to go.

Protective Gear
For all-time safety, helmets and such gear is necessary to be worn – even for a 5 second ride.

Proper Placing
You should stand right in the center and place your weight so it can stay balanced, standing on corner side is completely dangerous.

Straight Vision
One should always look straight ahead and not downwards as it can topple you that way.

Go Back
While coming off the board, it is important that you come down by stepping back your right foot and then the left instead of stepping it forward.

In order to be completely protected to fully enjoy your hoverboard ride, it is important to take care of the following detailed and in-depth factors that make the hover-board. Hence the following should be greatly considered when buying one. They are detailed below:

1. Read

If you think you know enough about a hoverboard in order to buy one, nevertheless you should always read on and have a heads up from the many reviews available on the internet, so you can practically buy the best one.

2. Follow What Is Said

Learn to value what is asked of you for blaming later on won’t help. If it says it isn’t for children younger than 12 years, don’t buy one for them.

3. Keep Portability in Mind

Knowing the specifications might prove fruitful, but always keep in mind the actual weight of the hoverboard for carriage and storage purposes.

4. Don’t Go Over-Board for A Hoverboard!

Going over-board in order to buy a new hoverboard is surely foolish because you don’t need to spend lots of dollars on them.

5. Know The Speeds

Know the typical ranges (from 2 to 10 mph per charge) so you can choose the best for you.

6. Mind The Law

Breaking the law is never acceptable, hence do not be too excited and know the limits and laws within which you need to ride.

7. Employ Available Policies

Make use of all the money back policies they offer and never buy one that doesn’t have one.

8. Opt for A Certified Hoverboard

Most important of all. Buy only the certified hoverboards. This means buying mostly US based hoverboards for guaranteed safety.

After knowing all the do’s and don’ts of hoverboards, you shall definitely become a pro at enjoying your ride thoroughly for this is all that you would ever need!

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50% Off Hoverboards (Usual Price: $656) Order