How to Use a Hoverboard

First of all, ensure that your hoverboard is completely charged up. Next, turn it on & locate it right in front of the toes. In case your hoverboard has a beginner’s mode, turn it on. Place your left foot (or right, whichever you think is more easy) onto the scooter.

Things to Remember:

Ensure your foot stays adjacent to the hoverboard wheel. If your feet are not wide enough, then it can make the riding very difficult.

Ensure the board stays “flat” to the ground.

After your left foot (or right) is on, step onto the device. Don’t overthink it, step on it as you normally would onto the staircases.

Look in front of you and relax yourself. Stand still without thinking of the move as of yet, loosen up yourself standing on the device.

How to move in a straight direction on a hoverboard?

It’s best to simply think of the direction you wish to move. Simply shift your body weight a bit whilst leaning yourself forward. You will fall if you lean too much.

How to turn on a hoverboard?

Next, try to perform a slight turn by twisting forward the foot which is opposite to your direction of turning. For instance, if you want to turn leftwards, simply push forward your right toe.

For performing sharper turns, begin “twisting back” your other foot as well. Now attempt to head backwards, as well.

Practicing with your hoverboard

After getting the basic moves down, try to perform some laps, turning in a single direction only till you feel more comfortable while riding.

How to step off your hoverboard?

For stepping off your board, just “reverse” the things you did to get onto it. Look to shift the balance towards your main foot, then try to step-off using your non dominant foot. At times, you might feel the urge to “jump off,” however it’s better to avoid it and do a proper dismount.

Remember that stepping onto & off the hoverboard is perhaps the most difficult thing of the entire process. Also, this is the one which is likely to take the most of your time.

If you follow the above steps properly, we can ensure you will be zipping around onto the device in a very short amount of time.

Your best option is to buy the board directly from the manufacturer’s official site to make sure you receive a quality product along with a warranty which protects you from any disasters and defects.

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50% Off Hoverboards (Usual Price: $656) Order