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Hoverboard Buying Guide


What has two wheels, no pedals, and can make people fall down really fast? While you could have guessed a motorcycle, chances are you’re thinking about hoverboards. The point is, these two vehicles are very similar in perceived risks and reasons why people love them.

Although you need a license to drive a motorcycle, you still fall in one of two categories, like the hoverboard: you either want to ride one or you’re too scared to try it.

We’ve gathered a short list for those who are looking to snag their own hoverboard. We’ll tell you what to look for in-terms of quality and value, so you won’t be one of those kids watching their investment go up in flames.

Who shouldn’t ride one?

Most fears of riding a hoverboard are, again, misplaced or irrational. They are just as dangerous as a skateboard or a bike, if you don’t know how to ride one and don’t take things slowly. Little kids should probably not ride hoverboards, though. If they are too young for unsupervised activities, then you don’t want them even attempting to ride a vehicle capable of reaching speeds twice as fast as a bike.

Weight is also something you should not ignore with hoverboards. The most expensive hoverboards can handle about 200 pounds before affecting its performance.

Don’t go cheap

Here’s where the real controversy over hoverboards resides. We have all seen the videos of cheap hoeverboards catching on fire and creating a dangerous hazard. Keep in-mind that these hoverboards are all confirmed to be bootleg versions of the name brands and the generic brands whom have little to no regulations on their batteries or build quality. Expect to pay at least $300 for the low-end name-brands, up to $1000 for the best models that have remote controls, Bluetooth speakers, and etc.

You want to have one with a metal frame, metal wheels, and a manufacturing quality with the seal of UL independent inspectors. Don’t buy your hoverboards, no matter what the brand, from foreign retailers and wholesellers. Besides, you won’t get the same warranty and protection if you don’t buy from places like Amazon, whom have the strongest policies against knock-offs.

Speed and Power

You should be able to get around 10 mph on even the cheapest priced hoverboards, usually more, depending on how heavy the rider is. The premium models will easily reach 15+ mph, which is where the whole “hover board” term becomes aptly named when you’re flying that fast without any sort of grounding or anything to brace yourself.

Keeping a charge

All this speed comes at cost, though. If you’re racing your hoverboard at near or max speed, you’ll drain the battery fairly quickly. You can get about two hours on the average hoverboard. Charging times typically match the average usage, don’t settle for anything more than two hours for a full charge. Avoid third-party charging kits, though, this is where you’re taking the risk for faulty battery technology, which has plagued the hoverboard market.

Just remember to take your investment seriously and to read all the fine print on the warranties and guarantees and you won’t regret your purchase. Happy shopping!

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50% Off Hoverboards (Usual Price: $656) Order
50% Off Hoverboards (Usual Price: $656) Order