Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1Is there warranty for the Hoverboard?
Yes, we provide 6 months warranty for the internal components of the Hoverboard. If the Hoverboard is not working, we will collect it back for repair and sent it back to you once the repair is completed.
2How to learn the hoverboard?
The Hoverboard is extremely easy to learn, we recommend you read our guide: or watch this video:
3How long does it take to learn the Hoverboard?
On average, it takes about 5-10 minutes to master the hoverboard. We recommend finding a wide and open space to practice the hoverboard
4Who should buy the Hoverboard
The hoverboard is for anyone from 13-60 years old. No height requirements, The max weight is 120kg
5What is the charging time of the Hoverboard
Average charging time is 3-5 hrs
50% Off Hoverboards (Usual Price: $656) Order
50% Off Hoverboards (Usual Price: $656) Order