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May 1, 2016
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Best Hoverboard Brands of the Year 2016


With the evolution of new technology ruling every person everywhere, hoverboards are just the next big thing of the era. Almost every other company claims their product as the best hoverboard ever. But one need not be confused with the many claims and offers as we have the top ones noted down for you in accordance with their features and optimized performance.

1. Spaceboard USA Electric Self-Balancing Shooter

The USA made hoverboard is a stable self-balancing two-wheel scooter which has a Bluetooth speaker system for off and on features and a rubber grip over the golden metal board. The water-proof, scratch-proof board has a 325 lbs. light stable axle with great economical price, carrying case and LED lights despite 3pc motherboard which is better than the previous ones.

2. Leray Self Balancing Scooter

For all 13-year and above riders, this is a stylish, safe and fade-proof white scooter with a stable gyro-stabilized board and 6.5 inch wheels with dual pressure sensitive motors that have zero turning without overheating.

Certified by RoHS, FCC, UN38.3 and CE the safety certified battery takes from 60 to 150 min for charging and has speeds of up to 10Km/h at a 15-degree incline with 220 lbs. It has great warranty and angle-free cycling features.

3. Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

The 2 wheeled hover board has a dependent gyro and sensor powered self-balancing system with a non-heating, powerful, electrical motor. The certified battery has 10 km power speed and 250 lbs. support with a one-year original warranty. It comes as an all-assembled board ready to ride.

4. HoverTech Self Balancing Shooter

This is a UL certified self-balancing board from USA with easy to store, portable design and many new features like being ergonomically fade-proof and weather proof at the same time. The durable battery has 11 km range with one-time charge and certified design and easily replaceable parts. It also has one year 100 percent money back guarantee.

5. Razor Hovertrax

This red, stable and gyro supported hoverboard is just 220 lbs. with large wheels for both rough and smooth services. It has two noise-less motors with zero turning support and 6 mph speed for 115 min onetime charge. It also has a certified re-chargeable battery and perfect grip board with a good manufacturer warranty.

6. Sharper Image-Sogo

The white, economical and good quality hoverboard is a scratch-less ABS polymer plastic board with LED lights along with gyros and sensors support. The 6.5 inch axles have 700-watt high capacity along with a Samsung lithium battery chargeable within three hours for a 7.7 mph speed.

7. IO HAWK – The Original

The portable 9.6 to 25.2-inch design and 22 lbs. plastic board supports up to 100 kg. This is a durable one and can endure your daily rough use. It is slightly pricier than the others but the end result would be satisfying.
Hence, now that you know all the features of the best hoverboards of 2016, you know exactly what to choose according to your priority of features.

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50% Off Hoverboards (Usual Price: $656) Order