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Extremely Easy to Learn

Theres no learning curve involved. Anyone who can ride a bicycle can ride a hoverboard. Thanks to its self-balancing capabilities, simply step onto the hoveboard, the sensors will adjust the board based on the tilt of your body.

To accelerate, simply lean forward, to decelerate or move backwards simply lean backwards. You can even make turns by tilting your shoulders toward the direction which you intend to turn

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Hoverboard Tutorial

Hoverboard Demo

Hoverboard Specs

Size: 58.4cm x18.4cm x 17.8cm
Weight: 10kg
Max load: 120kg
Max Speed: 10-15km/h
Power: 700W (350W x 2)
Slope Climb: 15 - 20 degrees
Battery: Lithium Ion

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Range: 10 - 20km (depending on road conditions)
Charging time: 1-2hrs
Height of board: 11cm
Wheel diameter: 17cm
Warranty: 6 months for battery & motor
Colours: White, Black, Red

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50% Off Hoverboards (Usual Price: $656) Order